Voices on air

Voces Latinas brings the community together through a consistent effort by combining cultural and social issues with a focus on politics, immigration, health, Latin America, sport, seniors, gender, youth and children’s programs and music. Programming is in a number of languages - Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Tagalog and reflects the attitudes, opinions, ideas and artistic talents of the communities.

Radio programming includes the following:

  • news and analysis of current topics in Latin America, Canada and internationally
  • talk shows
  • interviews and discussions on: education, art, women’s issues, family issues, childhood and adolescence issues, drug and substance abuse, human rights, immigration, housing, environmental concerns, finance, ESL classes, conflict mediation, sex and health education
  •  sports coverage
  •  the history, culture and traditions of Latin America
  • a variety of music, including local and international artists
  • religious reflection
  • a forum for community groups
  • coverage of local and community events
  • information on community organizations