Voices in harmony

To broadcast these voices daily, the station depends on volunteers. With the help of workshops, these volunteers acquire and improve their skills. While these workshops impart theoretical skills on how to run a radio station, they also serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas on the content and purpose of a community radio station.

A radio station team is responsible for coordinating and managing on-air programming, technical duties, as well as supervising the volunteers. Interested individuals and groups, who have participated in the workshops, are given the opportunity to be part of this exciting community project in many ways: for example, hosting programs, researching local and international news, operating the console, and doing production tasks among other duties.


On November 27, 2005, the radio celebrated its first anniversary and honored radio staff, volunteers, artists and the community, all who have supported the radio station since its inception.

Voces Latinas strives to build a bridge between cultures and in turn create a foundation for the integration and development of a community that is struggling to find its place under the Canadian sun. And these voices are being heard! From the diversity, the dream of unity is coming to fruition in the Hispanic community of Toronto.