Hope on air

Radio Voces Latinas is truly the result of one man's tireless efforts and tenacity along with the support of the San Lorenzo Parish members and the Hispanic community of Toronto. In 1998, Fr. Astudillo went to the Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) office in Toronto to investigate the possibility of establishing a radio station for the local Spanish-speaking community. The amount of technical information required to complete the application was daunting. Frustrated but not defeated, Fr. Astudillo's desire to establish this radio station gained more momentum than before.

In 2001, he once again explored the potential for a Spanish-speaking radio station. Unfortunately, the devastating earthquakes which struck El Salvador that year, took precedence and the radio project was once again shelved. Being the persistent man that he is, Fr. Astudillo would not forsake the dream of a Spanish-speaking radio station and in 2002, he once again returned to the CRTC office to inquire about a Spanish-speaking radio station where he was introduced to radio consultant, Wayne Plunkett… and the dream was revitalized!


Fueled by Fr. Astudillo’s passion, the community toiled to make this dream come true. Many volunteered their time to research, write, edit and compile the final application and the community danced, sang, cooked and played music all for the purpose of fundraising for the radio. To further substantiate the need for a community radio station, over 1,000 community signatures were collected at the "Inti Raymi" festival in July of 2002. Many letters of support from politicians, individuals, groups and organizations supported the application process.


Finally, all the efforts of so many came to fruition when on April 17, 2003 Fr. Astudillo on behalf of the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre, was granted a radio license.