Bringing hope to Haiti

In January 2010, an earthquake devastated the capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas and took the lives of close to 300,000 people. Upon hearing of this tragedy, the Caravan of Hope in collaboration with the San Lorenzo Parish, and CHHA Radio Voces Latinas 1610AM immediately stepped into action. Together with the dedication of so many volunteers and the generosity of the Latino community (as well as many outside of this community), numerous radiothons were organized in the basement of the San Lorenzo church and $31,500 was raised over a period of two months.

Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (APF), is a grassroots community project in Fondwa, a town located one hour south of Port-au-Prince.  Founded and managed by Fr. Joseph Phillipe, APF sustains thousands in the local town with an orphanage, post-secondary skills training college, a school and teacher’s residence, a health clinic, convent, a micro-credit union and a bakery. It also provides programs and activities for women and youth groups.  

APF was overwhelmed by the task of providing support during such desperate times and rebuilding without the financial means.  Upon hearing of the Caravan’s desire to support APF,  Fr. Joseph responded:  “It took us 22 years to build this. Everything has gone. Together we can rebuild Fondwa and Haiti with a sense of hope!” 

The generosity of  Torontonians has helped APF to:
- purchase three new laptops
- purchase a new oven for the bakery which employs local people
- purchase 5,000 pounds of red and black bean seeds which has been planted to replace what the earthquake destroyed
- provide work for 150 university students who assisted in removing rubble left from the earthquake
- rebuild the much-needed healthcare clinic which offers essential services to the locals
The Caravan of Hope continues to inspire and spread hope for our brethren in need - from Toronto to Latin America to the Caribbean.


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