Music & culture

While the Centre aids the transition process, it also plays an active role in promoting and preserving the Latin American cultural legacy. In order to preserve its cultural heritage, we conduct art, dance, music, theatre and Spanish language classes for the next generation. With its performing arts group Taller Cultural Surco, we have been successful in creating awareness about our Andean origins.

Combining youth and adult bands and dance groups, "Taller Cultural Surco" has performed traditional Andean folk music and dance at various cultural events in Toronto and its neighbouring towns. As the rhythms of its dance and music become popular, the invitations to perform at various cultural events continue.

In the past, the Centre has brought art teachers from Ecuador to exchange Latin American heritage and teach Andean and Caribbean instruments, music, theatre and dance to the local community.

If you are interested in having your children learn more about South American folklore dance, we teach in the basement of the church every Friday, from 6.00-7.00pm for the children and from 7.00-8.00pm for the youth.  This is a wonderful way for them to learn about their culture and to meet other young Latino children and youth.  

For more information, please contact the church Secretary, Ms. Alicia Calle.