Popular School of Education

Liberation Theology is a movement that gained strength amongst the impoverished masses of Latin America in the latter half of the 20th century. In societies besieged with political unrest, the church was the only viable community organization. Latin American pastors soon realized that it was blasphemous to care for people's souls while ignoring their needs for food, shelter and human dignity. Spearheaded by the church, Liberation Theology encouraged the struggle for equality and justice.

One of the main proponents of this movement was the late Bishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, an El Salvadorean Bishop who had dedicated his life to championing the cause of the underprivileged against the ruling establishment. Inspired by his work, the school is a forum for reflection on the community’s daily existence, history and solidarity amongst the various Latin American groups. It is a platform that preaches of love and compassion. It provides an academic education from the historical, sociological, anthropological perspectives and the cultural vision of Jesus Christ.

The goal of the School is to educate, guide and direct this immigrant community through the philosophy of liberation in the context of the new cultural reality.