Our history

At the corner of Wenderly and Dufferin Street, in the city of Toronto sits a quaint little church. No towering spires, no grand gothic arches, no elaborate stained glass windows, it’s another small church on a busy, big city street. But inside its humble walls is an abundance of wealth. No gold or silver, but faith and hope.

This church was once Saint Hilda's home, but today it is the Latin American community’s home away from home. A place where hope springs eternal; the corner where faith lives. Faith that heals; faith that gives strength; faith that leads the way and faith that keeps hope alive.

Welcome to the San Lorenzo Anglican Parish - a place of faith and the home of hope.

Home to a growing community of Latin Americans, in 1997 the Parish was resurrected to create a Hispanic congregation in the Anglican family in the Diocese of Toronto. It isn’t just a place of worship for the community, but also one of healing, of learning, of celebrating, of holding hands and singing Hosannas.

Victims of political strife, ideological differences and economic upheavals in their native lands, it is a community that is beleaguered with struggles even in their adopted homeland. San Lorenzo is their oasis. A retreat from their immigrant lives. A place where new things are learned and old traditions restored. They come here from all corners of Latin America. The young and the old come to renew their faith, but also to find strength and hope in their chosen land. Leading them in this journey of faith and survival is Fr. Hernan Astudillo.

Inspired by their patron San Lorenzo who said “ the poor are the treasures of the church”, Fr. Astudillo together with members of the Parish, were instrumental in establishing the humanitarian project, the Caravan of Hope, the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre and Radio Voces Latinas (the first Spanish-speaking community radio station in Canada). All of these projects are helping to support and empower our brethren here in Canada and in the community's homelands of El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru … or wherever hope is suffering.

While San Lorenzo heals tired souls, it also nourishes the spirit of all those who come here in search of salvation.