Mamma Caya's Food Bank

The Parish offers community members the support of Mamma Caya's Food Bank which was established in 2003 by the Parish in response to many who were in need. Over the years, the demand for assistance has increased and we are fortunate that with the generous donation of fresh and dry food items by various Canadian companies, the Food Bank is able to continue serving the community.

In blessed memory of Mamma Caya Fuentes, a dignified and dynamic woman of valour who had the courage of her convictions and the spirit of a lion. She was the soul of the Parish, proudly taking her position every Sunday at the altar. Sadly, Mamma Caya passed away in 2004 at the age of 86, however, her spirit and "alegría de vivir" will always be with us.


The miracles continue with Mamma Caya's Food Bank!

The food bank is held once a week and registration with the Church Secretary is required ahead of time.